Palette 3/28/16 ~


Another tight crop. This is a bad habit I’ve fallen into. The painting I’m working on started as an unsuccessful cloud and morphed into a floating meringue-topped pie, which reminded me of Wayne Thiebaud, whose work I dislike. Bleah! If I can successfully paint a big floating fork, I’ll finish it as a joke painting. If not, break out the gesso.

Palette 3/27/16 ~

This is the least successful of my three copies of paintings so far. It’s Georgia O’Keefe’s “Church Steeple,” 1930, shown here with two palette crops. I used the dimensions of the postcard image: 3″ wide by 5.5″ tall. That was a mistake, because almost everything ended up as detail work. I need to get away from these miniaturist tendencies and try a much larger painting for a change, no matter how bad it is.

Palette 3/16/2016 ~


I’m calling this one “Crummy Flower Painting.” I’m still winging it, not working from an actual object or copying someone else’s work. The palette photos continue to be far superior to the actual paintings. That’s all right. I continue to enjoy painting, and it’s worthwhile so that I can photograph the palette results.