Wall, Gator Automotive ~

Previously on this blog I posted some photographs (Totem, Brake lathe, My mother would have seen owls, and Wheel balancing equipment) taken at Gator Automotive in Carbondale, Ill., which is owned by my friends Karen and George. Karen was so kind as to allow me to wander around the shop and take photographs after the other mechanics had left. Tools, car parts, the lifts, the walls—everything was fair game. For my friends in Carbondale I should clarify that this was at Gator’s old shop near the University Mall, not the big new environmentally friendly facility they built later a couple of miles east. The old shop was cramped, crammed with stuff, and extravagantly dirty. I’m sure the mechanics like the new place better. There they actually have room to work, and they suffer much less in the winter and summer. But for a photographer, the old place was the place to be. I’ve found a couple more Gator photographs that I like from 2004. This is one of them; it’s a bit of the wall at the old facility. Pentax Optio S40, some color saturation added.

Two perspectives ~

The top photo, of a brick facade in downtown Paducah, Ky., is the original. The second one is with Photoshop’s anti-distortion feature applied (inexpertly). Not that either one of these photos is particularly good, but I’m not sure I prefer the “fixed” version, which I gather mimics the effect of a shift-tilt lens. Canon PowerShot S40.

Georgetown window no. 2 ~

Georgetown window no. 2

Georgetown window no. 2

Didn’t notice until just now that there’s someone’s head in this photo. I think I’m going to take care of that when I’m less tired. Georgetown was crowded late Saturday afternoon, probably with other folks who had headed out to see the aspens.