Insulators ~

"Columbia" insulator no. 1

“Columbia” insulator no. 1

Columbia insulator no. 2

“Columbia” insulator no. 2

Columbia insulator no. 3

“Columbia” insulator by Hemingray

The sunlight coming through these insulators makes them just glow. I had no idea how many styles there are or how avidly they are collected.

Atrium view no. 4 ~

Sharon Louden, "Windows," partial view

Sharon Louden, “Windows,” partial view

This is the last photo I’ll post of Sharon Louden’s installation, although I took many others. This one differs significantly from the rest, and I can’t help seeing part of a Dali-style pitcher in the aluminum panel at right. Other than cropping and sharpening, I didn’t alter these photographs in any way….except for the one I turned upside-down. (But is there an upside-down when you’re looking overhead?)

Atrium view no. 3 ~

Sharon Louden, "Windows," partial view, overhead and upside down

Sharon Louden, “Windows,” partial view, overhead and upside down

A more comprehensive view of Sharon Louden’s installation, ‘Windows,” at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. Needless to say, this piece has a hypnotic and disorienting effect.

Atrium view no. 1 ~

UWy Art Museum atrium with portion of "Windows," Sharon Louden

The University of Wyoming (Laramie) Art Museum is fairly small but had a few works of interest when I visited there last summer. The most stunning by far was an installation of dozens of 24″ x 96″ aluminum panels hung like sails and banners in the atrium. This massive piece, by New York–based artist Sharon Louden, is called, appropriately, “Windows.” The photograph above shows portions of two of the panels. I’ll have more photos, but I thought each deserved its own post instead of being grouped; there’s so much going on in any one view. The installation was designed especially for this space and thus, I hope (please please please), will stay permanently.

A little cheer ~


It’s snowing here yet again, and not much has started blooming—mostly grape hyacinths and daffodils. For a burst of color, here are some more photos from last September. Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, maintains a trial garden where it tests hundreds of varieties of flowers developed by breeders. These, or most of them, are trademarked but probably not yet commercialized. My favorite name among these: Verbena Obsession Cascade Twister Violet.

Solitude ~

Village Inn light resized

After a long hiatus, I hope to go through the photographs I took in the second half of 2019 and post a few of them here. We’ll see how it goes. (I had just about forgotten how to make a new post.)