American Landscape series no. 4 ~


I love glass bricks because I find color and form intoxicating and exuberant. This is one of my earliest and most successful glass-brick photographs; it was juried into the LaGrange Biennial (Georgia), a national art exhibit, in 1998—probably the most competitive show I was ever in. I can only hope to do as well again someday. This photograph was taken at a fast-food chain restaurant in Carbondale; many people may be able to read or recognize the sign. Pentax K-1000.

More glass bricks ~


I should just do what I’ve long thought of doing: buy myself some glass bricks and experiment with them instead of relying on chance. These were taken with my iPhone, highly cropped, and subjected to some color manipulation. I’m going to take some more photos at this same location with my Fuji X10, which should give much better quality images.