American Landscape series no. 4 ~


I love glass bricks because I find color and form intoxicating and exuberant. This is one of my earliest and most successful glass-brick photographs; it was juried into the LaGrange Biennial (Georgia), a national art exhibit, in 1998—probably the most competitive show I was ever in. I can only hope to do as well again someday. This photograph was taken at a fast-food chain restaurant in Carbondale; many people may be able to read or recognize the sign. Pentax K-1000.

Fallen camellias ~

Camellias and Coins

This was taken at the small pool in the Linnean House at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The Linnean House used to be an almost magical place. There’s a slightly winding, brick-lined walkway down the middle, and both sides used to be lined with tall camellia trees. When these were all in bloom, the effect was stunning. In “renovating” the Linnean House, MoBOT removed all of the camellia trees from the south side of the greenhouse, replacing them with potted cactuses and fruit trees. The camellia trees on the other side have been lopped off and many, it seems, removed. No longer is the Linnean House enchanting.

Green ~

Vanilla and leaf

My favorite photo from the orchid show itself (see previous post). I think the trailers may be vanilla, but I wouldn’t swear to it. I can’t decide if the depth of field is too shallow here for the best effect or not. Like much of my past work, even though this photo is representational, it leans toward the abstract. Pentax K-50, 50 mm lens.

Pseudo-followers ~

How could I not have foreseen that spammers would exist in the world of Blog? How can I be so consistently naive? It’s exciting to get a follower who doesn’t know you, because you figure that person is actually interested in what you’re writing. At least, it’s exciting until you see that the person is following hundreds or thousands of blogs with the aim of promoting their recently published book or trying to get subscribers to their newsletter about how you can make money from your blog. (As if!)

I can’t get rid of you people without taking my blog private, so I’m asking you to pretty-please un-follow my blog. I’m not going to buy your book or subscribe to your newsletter or send money for whatever else you’re promoting. I mean you, sfoxwriting, and you, Kylie Bannink, and you, pmitsuing, and you, Marissa Riback, and you, Julian Sherman, and anyone else I’ve overlooked. Get lost. Go away. Blogs are for communication, not exploitation.

A certain hubris ~

I’m just a woman leading a little life in a little town. Why start a blog? To see if I have something to say that’s worth saying, even just to myself. To give myself a place to delight in words like “hubris” without other people looking at me askance. To try something new. If you find something you like here, come along.