Pseudo-followers ~

How could I not have foreseen that spammers would exist in the world of Blog? How can I be so consistently naive? It’s exciting to get a follower who doesn’t know you, because you figure that person is actually interested in what you’re writing. At least, it’s exciting until you see that the person is following hundreds or thousands of blogs with the aim of promoting their recently published book or trying to get subscribers to their newsletter about how you can make money from your blog. (As if!)

I can’t get rid of you people without taking my blog private, so I’m asking you to pretty-please un-follow my blog. I’m not going to buy your book or subscribe to your newsletter or send money for whatever else you’re promoting. I mean you, sfoxwriting, and you, Kylie Bannink, and you, pmitsuing, and you, Marissa Riback, and you, Julian Sherman, and anyone else I’ve overlooked. Get lost. Go away. Blogs are for communication, not exploitation.

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