A L ~

This was taken with a Pentax Optio S40. Over the years I bought way too many little point-and-shoot cameras because I thought I would always carry them with me. That didn’t turn out to be the case. I still have the Optio, although I haven’t used it in years and its LCD screen is about the size of a postage stamp, because it has a sharp little lens and I took some favorite photographs with it. I did nothing to this photo other than a touch of sharpening and a smidge of extra saturation.

A new leaf ~


I finally redesigned my photography website and it’s now live. Readers of this blog will find some photos that I’ve posted here, but also lots of older ones. These images were taken with a wide range of cameras. Some of the oldest were digitized from negatives; others were taken with a digital SLR, with a variety of point-and-shoots, with my new 4/3 Olympus, and with my iPhone. I hope you enjoy the website! Feedback is heartily invited.