Winter clouds ~


This photo puts me in mind of summer, but it actually shows a rare sunny January sky in Southern Illinois in 2013. In going through closets I found an old Canon point-and-shoot and discovered I hadn’t downloaded the images on the SD card. This was one of them. (Interestingly, in my list of tags for this blog, “Clouds” is followed by “Coffee,” which is followed by “Coincidence.” How perfect is that? If this reference is opaque to you, check out Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.”)

Palette 4/4/2016 ~

This is a copy of “Stormy Day,” the Isaac Levitan painting that I posted to my Facebook page recently. I applied a watercolor filter to the second palette crop. Actually, I think this palette is for another painting I’m working on that I’ll probably paint over. Whoops!

In searching for a photo of the Levitan painting, I came across many other paintings of his that I admire. See this site for a rich sampling of his work, especially “Shadows, Moonlit Night,” “Vladimirka Road,” and “Footpath in a Forest, Ferns.” The latter seems especially remarkable as a sort of Impressionism/Realism hybrid. Wow! Plaudits to I Require Art’s Facebook page for bringing to our attention the work of little-known artists such as Levitan, as well as lesser-known works by widely known artists such as van Gogh..

American Landscape series no. 4 ~


I love glass bricks because I find color and form intoxicating and exuberant. This is one of my earliest and most successful glass-brick photographs; it was juried into the LaGrange Biennial (Georgia), a national art exhibit, in 1998—probably the most competitive show I was ever in. I can only hope to do as well again someday. This photograph was taken at a fast-food chain restaurant in Carbondale; many people may be able to read or recognize the sign. Pentax K-1000.

Playing with the clouds ~


The clouds turned glorious tonight for just a brief spell. I was in the strip-mall hell of east Carbondale, but I found a place to pull over and get some unobstructed shots. The top two I only color-corrected. The bottom one I exaggerated for a painterly effect. There’s way too much color noise in this photo, but I’m not yet proficient enough in Photoshop to have improved it much. I should have chosen a lower ISO. Fuji X10.