Clouds to the west ~

These were taken yesterday evening in Longmont. The iPhone is not good at handling sunset light. The photo with the tree is pretty true in terms of color, and I was able to color-correct the image at bottom right reasonably well. For the other two I gave up and decided to just enjoy that inky blue.

3 thoughts on “Clouds to the west ~

  1. Randy, I do use a “regular” camera, just haven’t gotten into the habit of always having it with me. (I should.) I do my own art prints and have been showing work in juried art and photography exhibits for 25 years. I’ve also had iPhone photos accepted into art exhibits; a phone camera can work surprisingly well for abstracts, which is mostly what I exhibit. However, it’s gotten so expensive to enter shows that I’ve pretty well given that up and just post things on this blog. Thanks for your words of support!


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