Insulators ~

"Columbia" insulator no. 1

“Columbia” insulator no. 1

Columbia insulator no. 2

“Columbia” insulator no. 2

Columbia insulator no. 3

“Columbia” insulator by Hemingray

The sunlight coming through these insulators makes them just glow. I had no idea how many styles there are or how avidly they are collected.

A little cheer ~


It’s snowing here yet again, and not much has started blooming—mostly grape hyacinths and daffodils. For a burst of color, here are some more photos from last September. Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, maintains a trial garden where it tests hundreds of varieties of flowers developed by breeders. These, or most of them, are trademarked but probably not yet commercialized. My favorite name among these: Verbena Obsession Cascade Twister Violet.

Solitude ~

Village Inn light resized

After a long hiatus, I hope to go through the photographs I took in the second half of 2019 and post a few of them here. We’ll see how it goes. (I had just about forgotten how to make a new post.)