Totem ~

This is a detail of the engine block at the interface with the exhaust. I call it “Totem” for, I think, obvious reasons. I did just a little teasing in Photoshop to brighten the washers (I suppose they are washers) around the bolts.

Speaking of teasing, I realized yesterday that I’d forgotten a crucial exchange in my recent post God’s name is George, so I felt compelled to rewrite the ending (for those of you who read the post and are interested). Like Dave Barry, I didn’t make it up.

My mother would have seen owls ~

Cylinder Head Detail

Cylinder Head Detail

Human are hardwired to perceive faces readily, even in patterns that bear only a scant resemblance to faces. Every viewer of this photograph who’s spoken to me about it notes the resemblance to faces. Usually they say the faces look like aliens. But my mom would have said owls. She preferred Great Horned Owls, but she would have liked this photo a lot nonetheless. It’s one of the few things I feel sure of. This ranks among my favorite photographs and I wish she had lived long enough to see it. Taken with a 4-megapixel Pentax Optio at Gator Automotive in Carbondale, 2006. It’s a tiny, sleek little camera with a display the size of a postage stamp, but with a viewfinder.

Brake lathe ~

Brake Lathe














I recently put together a small book of photographs I took some years ago at Gator Automotive’s old facility in Carbondale. The book was for co-owner Karen G., one of my best friends. This photo of a brake lathe couldn’t be sharpened enough, so I applied a watercolor filter and liked the effect. Every once in a while I can save a photo that way (usually it doesn’t work). The next few posts will be Gator photographs.