Dumpster dive ~

These are peeling-dumpster photos (see explanation in the previous post, Under the Sea) that I’ve exhibited various places or that are on my website. But upon going through my old files, I see two or three more that I’d like to work with, so I’ll be staying with this one dumpster a little longer. Four of the photos above were taken with digital point-and-shoots; one was shot on film and digitized. Is the film photo easily distinguished from the rest?

Under the sea ~

In August 2004, somebody set fire to the dumpster at the apartment building at the end of our street. The paint on the dumpster peeled and turned bizarre colors. What a bonanza! I got a lot of abstract photographs out of that act of vandalism. This one wasn’t good enough for an exhibit (not sharp enough in key places), but I like the way the peeling has created the shape of a fish. To me this form usually looks as if it’s floating on top of the blue, when in fact it’s made up of the underlying metal. Once you see this, you can make the “fish” recede and then “resurface” repeatedly, until you’re dizzy or your eyes start to water. I’ll post one or two sharp dumpster photos in the coming days. This shot was taken with film, then digitized.

Pas de deux ~

Digitally manipulated photographs, again using a watercolor filter and extreme color saturation. The original photos were of plastic film over a window; the film had developed creases (the antler-like shapes).

Spring flowers part 2 ~

Continuing with some Sunday photos from the Denver Botanic Gardens. Clockwise from top right: Some type of fruit tree, unidentified, tulip interior, unidentified, hellebore, unidentified, unidentified, tulip interior, poppy (I think) against a background of purple pansies, orchid (probably some type of phalaenopsis), fritillaria (checkered lily). If anyone can help with identification, please comment. My knowledge of flowers is pretty limited, and the signage was spotty. I didn’t saturate any of these photos; in fact, I frequently knocked the saturation down a bit.

A new leaf ~


I finally redesigned my photography website and it’s now live. Readers of this blog will find some photos that I’ve posted here, but also lots of older ones. These images were taken with a wide range of cameras. Some of the oldest were digitized from negatives; others were taken with a digital SLR, with a variety of point-and-shoots, with my new 4/3 Olympus, and with my iPhone. I hope you enjoy the website! Feedback is heartily invited.

Naughty bits ~


Paphiopedilum Black Thorpe

Flowers are pure sex out in the open, and that’s especially true of orchids, which are exquisitely adapted for pollination. The sheer sexuality of orchids has been commented upon so often that it is a cliché—but it’s a beautiful one. This is the first time I’ve taken a photograph that amounts to flower pornography. I’ll show the entire flower, along with a number of other orchid species, in my next post. Olympus OM-D EM10 II, 30 mm macro.