The hole in my heart ~

Burned Post

Burned Post

After I began this blog, I resolved not to write serious personal posts unless I could do it at least partially through the prism of humor. I also resolved not to be overly confessional, because that leads to bathos, boredom, and broken friendships.

But nothing seems amusing right now, and I’m no longer writing. Give it more time? Break my word? End the blog? I don’t like any of the choices.

When Chief Joseph had to abandon the fight to save his people, he said “My heart is sick and sad.” It sounds like a metaphor. It isn’t.

One thought on “The hole in my heart ~

  1. An amazing photograph–and a beautiful post, but heartbreakingly sad.

    I believe that you have much–an astounding much; an amazing muchness–to share with the world, to the world’s benefit.

    And Chief Joseph was one of wisest people of all time.


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