October leaves ~

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf

Sycamore Leaf, St. Francis River, Mo.

Sycamore Leaf, St. Francis River, Mo.

Shadow on Leaf

Shadow on Leaf

I got exactly three photos of fall foliage this year that I’m happy with. The top photo was taken with a Fuji X10 and not adjusted in any way. The second and third photos, taken with a Pentax K-r with 50 mm lens, were cropped slightly and needed a bit of color correction. I’m getting very few sharp pictures lately, even with the image stabilization that is built into both cameras. Frustration!

One thought on “October leaves ~

  1. These are very lovely. I find it difficult to choose my favorite. Initially, I preferred “Shadow on Leaf” because of the light–but then I decided that I also very much like the quality of light in the other two photos.


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