Reflector ~



This is a better…ahem…reflection of my attempts to find interesting abstracts within objects. This image was taken with a Fuji X10 and is straight off the card, without any cropping, sharpening, or color correcting. I was taking photos of various businesses in a nearby town, including macro shots of the glass bricks in a bank window. Since this is quite near to the police station, I wouldn’t have been surprised to be confronted about what I was doing. But the only time anyone questioned me—what they actually said, from a car on the other side of the street, was “Can I help you?”—was when I was taking a series of closeups of this reflector on a traffic barricade. I said, “I’m just taking a picture of this reflector,” and rather unnecessarily pointed to it (my camera lens was practically touching it). Apparently satisfied, they drove off. Go figure.

One thought on “Reflector ~

  1. Wonderful shot.

    Your post reminds me of an experience I had a few months ago. I was driving down Lake Street here in Minneapolis and saw a composition consisting of a bench and an old bucket being used as an ashtray. They were sitting in front of the Bryant Lake Bowl, which is a hipsterish combination bowling alley/restaurant/bar.

    I pulled over (well, I had to circle the block first), parked, and got out to take the shot. I was kneeling on the sidewalk, with my head bent over the articulating screen of my Samsung NX300, when I heard someone ask, “Are you all right?” I looked up, and a waitress from the restaurant was looking down on me, her expression registering a significant degree of doubt.

    I explained what I was doing. The waitress’s expression remained dubious. I showed her the composition, but she clearly could not understand why anyone would want to take a photo of such an unprepossessing spot of territory. Nevertheless, she finally departed, and I finished taking my shots.


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