Salon series ~

I had an appointment the other day to get my hair cut and colored. When I got to the salon (I prefer to think of it as the hair-cutting place), I realized I had brought along nothing to read. But I did have a little Canon point-and-shoot in my purse, so I amused myself while the hair color set in by opening the drawers in the station cart and taking photos. These aren’t very sharp; they’re acceptable only for web viewing. But I like the set. I oversharpened a couple of these—especially the hairbrush closeup, since nothing in it is in focus (and not in a good way).

2 thoughts on “Salon series ~

    • Did you notice the woman in the dye? She’s as clear to me as a Jesus on a taco shell. She looks aghast, as well she might. Even though the salon supposedly used the same formula as last time, they got something wrong….My hair looks almost reddish-black!


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