Reflector detail no. 3 ~

Another reflector photo. This one is highly cropped from the original. I like it for the colors. It’s odd; I think my writing is much stronger than my photography, but my writing draws much less interest. Go figure. Perhaps I’ve had too much trouble being funny lately.

Reflector Detail no. 3

Reflector Detail no. 3

2 thoughts on “Reflector detail no. 3 ~

  1. I think that this is a superb photograph.

    I don’t know whether your writing is better than your photography. I think that they’re both superb. I will note, though, that I appear to get attention for my photography, not my writing, although I believe that I am a vastly better writer than I am a photographer.

    I will also note that many blogs are not well written (even if they are written by aspiring writers), and most are very poorly edited. I’m not sure that other bloggers are the best judges of writing–or perhaps of anything else. It is certainly the case that numbers mean very little.


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