Palette 2-15-16 ~


Not really getting into the painting tonight, I guess because I’m not trying to do anything in particular, just messing around with some fresh tubes of paint, trying a little blending and a little amateurish decoration. This may be a self-limiting experiment. However, I’ve confirmed that in fact blue and yellow still do make green, just like they did when I was in kindergarten.

2 thoughts on “Palette 2-15-16 ~

  1. Arrrhh! There be treasure buried here, me maties!

    I like the gradation, and the photo of the palette is superb. Some watercolorists who use a big tray palette will sometimes just take a sheet of paper and press it onto the palette, then try to make something of it.


    • I was excited about the initial “palette post,” which you didn’t see. I thought I’d do a whole series of them, but now I don’t know. And I’m wasting a lot of paint. Thanks for your comment, though. I was a lot more pleased with yesterday’s rose post.


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