Orchids part 1 ~

These photos were taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s 2017 orchid show. I’ve carried various cameras to four or five of these shows, but this is the first time I felt pleased with more than a small handful of shots. It’s also the first time I was patient enough to photograph the identification labels, so I now can actually name what I took. Just call me a slow learner.


Paphiopedilum Black Thorpe. This is the orchid whose sexual organs were featured in yesterday’s post.


Cattleya Los Gatos


Bulbophyllum cumingii


Phalaenopsis Hampshire Clouds


Aliceara Purple Passion

2 thoughts on “Orchids part 1 ~

  1. These are wonderful Marilyn! Did you stop on your way home? Remind me to tell you about the purple passion when next we talk!

    Photography – keep it up!!!!!!!


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